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Rebirth: The Turnabout Of A Mistreated Concubine CHAPTER LIST

Rebirth: The Turnabout Of A Mistreated Concubine:

After traveling through time, she finds herself in Prince Xuan’s bed, and has inexplicably become his maid whom he could sleep with at will. While filling her world with whispers of love, the romantic, dissolute prince turned a blind eye to the misdeeds of several other concubines, which includes framing her for adultery, disfiguring her, as well as imposing an extreme penalty against her. When she opens her eyes again, instead of travelling through time, she is reborn as a drop-dead gorgeous lady. In possession of vast wealth and surrounded by all sorts of good-looking men, she decides that she will no longer keep her nose clean. As for that liar, Prince Xuan, should still put on a show of love and affection in front of her?
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